Pietro Novello

Documentary Filmmaker . Production Sound Recordist


The very genuine relationship with human subjects and their life stories is what makes this job wonderful. In my experience I have been focusing mainly on delicate social issues such as immigration and integration, legality and illegality. My aim is to portray the real through creative storytelling, sending positive messages, even in the most desperate situations.


Sound recording experience has developed working as production sound mixer and sound assistant on various TV shows, a feature film and a large amount of short films (see CV for credits). A good knowledge of post-production sound editing and mixing gives me a whole understanding of the process and enhances my attention to capture on location every detail which can be useful for the sound design.

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La deriva dei continenti

Replace the face

Beyond the line

Searching for Sugar Man

A Day at Own Villa

The third love

Deaf Club

Absence of sense

Finding St Francis


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